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In conjunction with a camera we provide jetting service which includes before and after video of your sanitary system under your house. Read more


These are just a few of the services we offer at Kelly’s Plumbing Services. Please call us if you’re having a plumbing issue. We can help. Read more

About Kelly

I was born in a small city in Ohio. I was raised with a Midwestern work ethic. Mowed grass in the summer, shoveled snow in the winter. I bring that ethic to our service business. Read more

SeeSnake® Video Inspection Camera

At Kelly’s Plumbing we use a Ridgid See Snake with a CS10 monitor. With it we can take the guess work out of chronic stoppages. Before this technology we could only tell the customer what we thought was going on based on an educated guess. We can take still photographs or video of the system to show what the problem is and know how to fix it in the most economical way possible.

Buying an older home?
Schedule a video inspection before you buy. Know what you’re getting.

Selling your home?
Have a video to show a buyer that they are buying a properly functioning system.

Because Kelly’s Plumbing Services utilizes state of the art technology we can:

  • Easily perform visual inspections in hard to reach areas
  • Use incredibly small diameters and tight turn radiuses
  • View the whole thing on a monitor
  • Use a Flexible 200-foot cable that puts our eyes where they are needed at the point of discovery
  • Create graphics that conform to NTSC standards